Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Media in Jamaican Art

What is new media, and how do you feel it can be used by Jamaican artists? What cultural interventions can occur through its use? Is it only for an elite set of privelaged techno-freaks? Does it deviate or dilute Fine Art or can it be used to assist the artistic process? Does it feel like a European or American import that is trendy at the moment or could there be more potential than we give it credit for? Should the artist using new media look to other mediums such as Painitng and Film to create value and determine aesthetics or does it require its own approach?

You are invited to discuss the above questions and raise your own.



  1. I think there is more potential than we give credit for. Time based media play an important role in the popular culture, especially in dance hall culture where video plays a crucial role. There is a lot more audience access to the relevant technologies than many of us in the art world may assume. This relative familiarity could be used by new media artists to reach further audiences. Generally speaking, contemporary artists in Jamaica have to find and use these linkages if they want to reach wider audiences.

  2. New Media will reach a wider audience, but I don't think much people will see it as a 'true' art form or fine art. Some people still grapple with the notion that art is not limited to figure sculptures or landscape paintings.

  3. new media art is exciting it presents a new avenue for personal expression, artists employing this form of art will be able to reach audiences world wide. I am currently conducting a research on this topic so all the comments are valuable.

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