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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I found on Twitter: Tallawa

Screenshot from
I just found this website this morning where you can see designs like the one above. They have a new Spring Collection with really eye-catching textile designs. The team consists of a husband and wife team  John and Hillary, who are based in New York. They use the Jamaican Patois phrase 'we likkle but we tallawah' meaning 'we are small but strong' as the inspiration for their brand. The site features not only a clothing line but various images they seem to have collected and made appropriating other images. There is a real link that can be seen between the aesthetic tastes of the designers, the art they make and their fashion designs which indicates the Tallawa concept. Their interpretation of 'tallawah' seems to be a small group with bold and diverse creativity. What do you think of the Tallawa designs?