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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Virtual Curation & Alternative Biennials

Since last summer, Kathryn Buford, editor/ curator of, and myself have been speaking about the art culture in Jamaica with the aim to collaborate on a project together. I had the chance to work with Kathryn previously when she interviewed me for one of her online articles. With the upcoming Jamaica Biennial we hit on the idea of presenting together a sort of alternative biennial via this blog with Kathryn making the major curatorial choices.
She has assembled a group of artists who she feel have a dialogue and sympathy with issues tackled in Jamaican Art. These artists however are situated in a different cultural space. In a sense she has not curated a show which highlights who was excluded from amongst local artists but rather who else could have been included using a different curatorial eye. This repeats the endgame of the Jamaica Biennial but I think of it more as making connections between the local and the global. For the alternative biennial that has been curated please visit this link. Until the Biennial closes in March there will also be shorter more focused discussions on specific artists or groups of artists being published on this blog.You are welcome to join in the conversation.

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