Thursday, December 21, 2006

Future Directions

Recently with shows like the National Biennial and the host of new media art courses at the Edna Manley College, new directions have emerged in the Jamaican art world. I wonder how valid the public and more traditional art lovers view these artists and their work. Do you think Jamaica is ready for this and is it even important? Video and photography as art in a country with a huge history of 'the collectable painting'?


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  1. It is a challenge, with few non-profit funding resources for the arts, and it is only normal that artists either turn to the conventional local art market or move to places where they can get support for this kind of art. The support provided by the NGJ, the EMC and occasionally, the Mutual Gallery is not enough to counter bit. Artists will have to explore and create their own opportunities if they want to do these things here. That being said, Jamaica has a thriving media industry which should/could have some investment/interest in new media art. Perhaps there are some opportunities there. But, it will take a long time for the mainstream Jamaican art world to fully accept any art work that challenges conventional notions about the art object and its material value. Congrats on this blog. It hope it will become a successful discussion forum. I'll spread the word.


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