Saturday, January 16, 2016


Happy New Year to All. 

This open letter to you has been a while coming. ART:Jamaica as a venture has been great and put me in contact with so many interesting people. In 2006 when I launched this blog as a place for my art students at Edna Manley College, I had no idea it would become a place where I was doing most of the writing. I am not a naturally enthusiastic or great writer or art administrator so you can imagine how hard a task this has been. I am happy however that curators etc. internationally have used the site as a research tool on the contemporary arts scene in Jamaica. The writing has dwindled to nothing over the last year as I have become a full time teacher and am also undertaking more ambitious  projects for my art practice. Due to this, I have regrettably had to turn down so many requests to do reviews etc. that I feel to be fair to all it is now time to wrap things up and acknowledge when the time has come to move on. In addition, a few other sites now function in similar ways to ART:Jamaica and have also even chosen to share the same name.

I am therefore formally announcing that I am closing the activities of The ART:Jamaica blog and leaving it to remain as an archive online. There is an active Facebook group and a Facebook page which I am proud of being a part of and I will keep it as place where we can share things about this art interest of ours.

Thanks so much and best to you all in your ventures this year and going forward and hope you will continue to support future projects.
See you around the internet or IRL.



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  2. Well, we all have to move onto different phases in our lives. It is good to know that this blog made such an impact on the Jamaican art scene. Truly a great art legacy.


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